Zemědělská usedlost Bludička



About us:

"Bludička" is a traditional rural farm situated in Bludovice near Nový Jičín in the beautiful protected landscape area Podbeskydí. The institution named Venkovská škola Bludička, z.s. (the Country school Bludička, formerly named the Civil association Bludička) works in the farm since 2006 and it offers programs for children, youth, families and disabled persons through the activities of equestrian club, holidays camps, events for the public and trainee-ships for students. The association is managed by Mrs. Gabriela Žitníková (phone: 556/704046). Besides the horse breeding and traditional domestic animals breeding we are specialised in perpetuation of original Wallachian sheep breed that is bred here since 1998. The club of sheep farmers and fans of Wallachian sheep is also based in Bludička and aims to preserve this ancient breed for future generations. Mr. Radovan Žitník (phone: 606/411321) takes care of Wallachian sheep breeding. Within its activity the farm Bludička cooperates with the Technical and Agricultural High school, the Association of sheep and goats breeders of the Czech Republic, with the municipality of Nový Jičín, with the castle in Kunín, with Clubs of military history and the Charity of the Czech Republic. If you are interested in meeting us, please contact us by email at: Bludicka.Bludovice@seznam.cz. We look forward to seeing you!!